Polski Angielski

Services for entrepreneurs

The Law Office provides comprehensive legal service for both business entities and individual entrepreneurs. Our Team provides legal assistance in such issues as formation and registration of companies ensuring comprehensive and professional legal services. Cooperation with entrepreneurs may take different forms, including ad-hoc advices within a specifically identified case or permanent cooperation contracts. Our Lawyers pursue claims within court proceedings and enforcement proceedings. We prepare and analyse contracts and internal acts. We provide legal advice in issues connected with construction law and tax law.

Services for Individuals

Our Team offers a complex legal assistance for individuals within a wide scope of issues including civil law and criminal law. The Law Office deals with many different issues including inheritance law, family and guardianship law, construction law and property law. We provide legal assistance in issues connected with civil law contracts including sales agreement, lease agreement, contract of tenancy, contract to perform a specified task, construction contract and donation. Our Lawyers offer representation in all the offices and state agencies, as well as in courts. We offer representation in criminal cases and in the course of misdemeanour proceedings.

Claims for Compensation

The Law Office specializes in the litigation of any compensation claims. We pursue claims against insurance companies. Our Lawyers pursue claims connected with remedy for injuries sustained in the accident and compensation for the actual costs of repairing damaged vehicles (TPL insurance, FCC insurance). The Law Firm offers representation at the stage of liquidation proceedings conducted by the insurance company, as well as in the course of court and enforcement proceedings. We pursue claims arising from property insurance (fire, flooding), unlawful acts, medical malpractices and claims connected with improper performance of contractual obligations.